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MTA Staten Island Railway Station 21 of 22
Custom greeting cards appeal to Staten Island pride at the Tottenville Food Mart on Amboy Road.  This neighborhood is hardly where you would expect a 24-hour store that, according to its 20-something manager, a third-generation Tottenviller herself, is busiest from 11 pm to 2 am.
Walking a few blocks west, along well-kept residential streets, brings you to the Railway.  The Atlantic Station platform is so short that only the last car in both directions will open.
Atlantic Station has the shortest platform, only the last car opens.
Outerbridge Crossing can be seen at the end of this street.
Two of the many other businesses along Amboy Road.
A restaurant and a barber shop just south of the Station
This temporary Station will be dismantled when the new Arthur Kill station is built.
A stemmed glass sits on the roof of the garage at the back of a business right next to the tracks.
A house that could be out of a Edward Hopper painting is cut off from a water view by an unfinished commercial building.