Bay Terrace
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Exit the Station by the southern stairs and stroll east along Bay Terrace, a residential street so quiet you can hear sparrows rustling the underbrush.  Suddenly the sidewalk yields to grass, and just as suddenly you’re on the corner of busy Hylan Boulevard.
Cross Hylan and you enter into another world.  A short walk along an asphalt path brings you to the entrance of a Blue Dot Trail, part of the Gateway National Recreation Area, administered by our National Park Service.
MTA Staten Island Railway Station 12 of 22
Exit the Station onto Bay Terrace.
A terrace by the rail platform becomes
                 a tropical paradise.
The Bay Terrace side walk
ends just before Hylan Blvd.
Hyland Boulevard crosswalk
A shiny pay phone on the edge of nature
Along Bay Terrace
One of several athletic fields