Grant City
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Exiting the Station east onto South Railroad Avenue, you see the Grant City Tavern.  It is dedicated to John Bergin, a 39-year-old Fire Fighter who was lost on September 11, 2001.  Bergin fulfilled a life-long dream when he purchased the bar that June and spent the summer renovating it.  See the full story at:
Based on percent of population, Staten Island lost the greatest number of people of any New York City borough on that day.
MTA Staten Island Railway Station 9 of 22
Mid-rise buildings and a below-grade Station give Grant City a more urban feel but, its name notwithstanding, it feels like a town.
The Corner House restaurant hosts meetings of the Staten Island Power Squadron,
an organization of boaters who provide volunteer water safety training.  Staten Island has several marinas and yacht clubs.
Sports businesses  and a dance studio
Office of James S. Oddo,
City Council, 50th District
West of the Station are tree-lined residential streets.
WHAT’S IN A NAME:  Grant City was named for General Ulysses S. Grant.  Why “city” was chosen remains a mystery.
Fun sign in a residential window
Renovation project
Thrift store