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This hand-crafted sign sits along a quiet road in a residential area.  Small business like this, based on individual hobbies and interests, pop up all over Staten Island.
There are three large gyms, a seafood distributor, and a huge, paved and fenced -- but completely empty--lot. The Station, due to be replaced, is a simple steel and concrete structure.
The chorus of barks from local dogs is as much greeting as warning.
A residential street on the landward side of the tracks.  
Water view from the track overpass.
A huge fenced asphalt lot waits for economic activity.  
Larger businesses along the water side of the tracks.  No dance studio in sight, but three gyms.
MTA Staten Island Railway Station 20 of 22
This was never intended to be more than a temporary stop and will be demolished when
the planned new Arthur Kill Station is built.
Yet, it has a certain shabby charm, especially when you remember you are in New York City.
The condition of the sidewalk hints that here, few walk.