New Dorp
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WHAT’S IN A NAME:  “New Dorp” came from a variation on the name Oude Dorp,
given by Dutch settlers, which became “Old Town.”
A huge crystal globe glints in the late afternoon sun, displayed in the window of a lighting store on New Dorp Lane.  An upscale shopping street with plenty of glitz and glamour, it’s Staten Island’s Rodeo Drive.  The Lane and the below-grade Station are one of the most urban experiences along the Railway.  Just off New Dorp Lane are quiet streets lined with huge, graceful trees and comfortable homes.  At its end by Lower New York Bay, New Dorp Lane skirts the open land of Miller Field.
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Side Street
The Rail Station
Sedutto’s Ice Cream, tasty since 1922, has a 75-year history on Staten Island.  This shop, 60 years on the corner of New Dorp Lane and Clawson Avenue, and final outpost of the brand on Staten Island, was recently rescued by the brand’s new owners.
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Mrs. Rosemary’s dance studio.  She also rescued the venerable St. George Theatre.
Dance is alive and well along the Railway.
A few of the other many great eats
Stylish signage