Prince’s Bay
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Each block perpendicular to Seguine ends at the Park.  Holten Avenue has a short run along the edge of the Park.
Seguine Avenue
WHAT’S IN A NAME:  The name confusion started early, first appeariing on Faden’s Map, dated 1779, as Prince’s Bay.  Later the name is given as “Princess Bay” on a U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey and on the map in Bayles’ History which was copied from Faden’s Map.
Established 1861.
Exit the Station onto Seguine Avenue.  The
first left brings
you to Wolfe’s Pond Park.
Staten Island University Hospital South
Hylan Boulevard cuts through the Park.
This Station is closest to one of Staten  Island’s wildest places, the western edge of Wolfe’s Pond Park.  
Walk Seguine Avenue east to Raritan Bay.  Along the way is the Reformed Church of Prince Bay, the historic Seguine Burke Plantation circa 1837, a field with  horses, the Princess Bay Marina, and Lemon Creek Park at the water’s edge.
Note there are three different versions of the place name, and there is discussion about using an apostrophe for Prince’s Bay.
MTA Staten Island Railway Station 17 of 22
A charming tiny house
Lemon Creek Park
Princess Bay Marina
Wolfe’s Pond Park begins next to the tracks.