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The brick building in the background at left is the Tottenville Station, the end of the line for the MTA Staten Island Railway.    Across the Arthur Kill is New Jersey.
The silver Corvette is being driven by a four-year-old girl -- with help from her dad.  
Many MTA Staten Island Railway station neighborhoods host dance studios.
The NYPD 123rd Precinct - shown here - is the second largest, in area, in New York, covering some 17.5 square miles, and the second fastest growing.
(The largest geographically is the 122nd Precinct, at 27 square miles, headquartered in New Dorp.)
At one time Staten Island had many local theaters.
Historic Main Street
Historic Tottenville, “a lovely little town on the south shore,” is the southern-most village in New York State and the last stop on the MTA Staten Island Railway.  
The oldest house in the village, circa 1795, is on Main Street.
Show here, the modern is embraced in a dramatically contemporary home just around the corner from an exquisitely maintained historic home.  Both are a short walk from the Station.  As happens so often along the Railway, you can hardly
believe you are in New York City.
A Coptic Nun came from Egypt to paint the icons for the new church.
The paper sign taped to the utility pole read:  
   “Egyptian Festival    FOOD”  
This led me to the Coptic Orthodox Church, founded in 2002
Homemade “Festival” food is the best.  As I feasted in the church basement, I met a 10-year-old girl who immediately announced, “I was born in Egypt so I can’t run for president.”  She has a classic face like one you might see in a work of Coptic Art in the Metropolitan Museum.
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Beginning in the 1830’s Capt. John Totten, Jr. was the town’s most prominent resident.